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October 20, 2022

Some of the best study abroad programs around the world

Best Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad is a great way to explore the world while supplementing your education! Studying abroad means you’ll have great adventures, learn about topics that interest you, and maybe even meet people who will become lifelong friends. Friends who travel together stay together. Location is one of the essential aspects when studying abroad. Your destination determines the language you’ll speak, the customs you’ll learn, and the food you’ll eat. And many other factors contribute to the experience with the best study abroad programs.

Best Study Abroad Programs


Expert Opinion has explored some of the best study abroad programs for you. But first, you need to know that:

  • Your program provider/company is flexible.

Depending on your major, studying abroad may seem impossible, especially if you have specific courses only available at certain times of the year. But no need to worry now. You can still see the world despite your academic obligations. The best study abroad programs offer year-round or potentially full-year programs.

Also, if the school year is not an adequate time for you, the best study-abroad providers will ensure that your dream of traveling abroad is still possible. Flexible start dates and trip durations make this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all students.

  • Support is available at any cost.

Studying abroad can come with a pretty hefty price tag for some students, but the best study abroad programs strive to keep your costs down. From offering financial support to eligible students to directing you to scholarships you could use to fund your travels, the best study abroad companies are natural trees with a wealth of knowledge and financial assistance to spread around.

The best study abroad programs for college students not only offer a variety of programs and places to go but also host a diverse range of students who can enjoy the experience regardless of their economic background.


Below is the best study abroad programs around the world with reviews:

 American Institute for Study Abroad: Study Abroad in Barcelona

In this top-rated study abroad program of 2017, as we know, this review from a former student says it all: “My time in Barcelona with AIFS was without a doubt the best four months of my life and the most valuable of all my university experiences. I initially chose AIFS because it was the cheapest option of all the programs I looked at. However, after being a part of the AIFS group, I can truly say that I chose the best program, and not just the best affordable one. Every aspect of studying abroad with AIFS captivated me.” Greta is a graduate studying abroad.


 Athens: Study Abroad in Greece

One of the highest-rated study abroad programs, a fantastic summer, semester, or year in Greece will not be a myth. Take benefit of the country’s rich history and gain learning experiences in and out of the classroom. With the variety of courses at your fingertips, you’ll leave the program as intelligent and insightful as the historical philosophers and scholars you’ve only read about! Summer in Greece is sure to be unforgettable as there is so much to see, learn and do.


IES Abroad Vienna program

Coming from one of the best studies abroad providers, it takes a semester or a year to get all the knowledge about music in Vienna. Adopt music history, theory, and performance studies courses in a city full of music history and culture. Study in the same town where Mozart and Beethoven became famous, and guide your path to musical mastery with the support of experienced professors and friends. It sounds like music to our ears.


CIEE in Iringa

Take a semester to learn about the African country of Tanzania. Learn more than just the culture and learn about its urban and rural communities so you can give back. In a very hands-on program, you’ll get help with a field study of a local non-profit organization, find solutions to community problems, and provide assistance to underserved communities across the country. Did we mention you were able to study Swahili? Yes, this type of meaningful travel we’re all about to explore.


IES Abroad Siena Summer – tradition and cuisine in Tuscany

Study Italian culture in the Tuscan countryside. Immerse yourself in everything Sienna has to offer (which is everything) and experience a summer you’ll love. One of the best summer studies abroad programs in Italy, you’ll be able to explore different themes with Siena’s squares, restaurants, and vineyards as your beautiful backdrop. Study abroad in Siena for an acquaintance that will fill your mind (and stomach) with Italian cultural cuisine.


International Summer Session in Uppsala

Immerse yourself in the Swedish language, history, and culture with this summer study abroad program. This top-rated language school is a non-profit foundation that offers students courses ranging from two to nine weeks. While learning the Swedish language through intensive language courses in Uppsala, students also learn about Swedish culture and history through weekly field trips. With top-notch faculty and numerous opportunities to participate in Swedish culture and traditions, a summer in Uppsala is a truly engaging experience, making it one of the best college studies abroad programs.

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