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October 25, 2022

Could China Overtake the UK as a Study Abroad Hotspot

Study Abroad Hotspot

China has devoted itself to becoming a global leader over the past decade. As a country of rapid growth, graduate prospectus, and a strong economy, it has started attracting international students to study in China. China is rapidly becoming a famous country and a study-abroad hotspot. The report forecasts that at current growth rates, it will overtake the UK as the second most adequate destination for international students, behind the USA at number one.

According to the latest reports, 398,000 students have been admitted to China, making it the World’s third most popular destination for studies. Also, China is challenging UK’s position as second in the international World. 

The Chinese government has raised the education standards and scholarships for international students. The Chinese government has redoubled efforts to increase the scholarships it serves to international employees. Last year, surprisingly, 40% of international students who had nearly started their studies in China received financial rewards from the government.

Also, Independent international students benefit from exposure to China and its culture, not least because of its growing economy and the job market. And now, the recently launched initiative “Study in China” has gained the focus of many international students choosing an economic powerhouse in the future.

study abroad hotspot

The “Study in China” initiative has made China a study-abroad hotspot. The program aimed to be a famous country and overtake the UK as the World’s second most dominant study-abroad hotspot.

Being a Global Economic Powerhouse, China has focused on graduate business education. Especially leaving many universities to offer graduate business programs to international students in English. More than 40 percent of international students studying in China were supported by government scholarships in 2015, a fivefold increase from 2006, according to Times Higher Education (THE). China can become a viable alternative for students priced out of high international fees in the UK. Mainly as Brexit uncertainty settles in Europe.

Not even that China also offers classes to learn Chinese. At the same time, language classes can help international students to beat immersion and become fluent, which is gaining a lot of students to complete their degree in study abroad hotspots worldwide. According to UNESCO, the World’s most widely spoken language is  Mandarin Chinese. It is often touted as one of the worthiest languages to learn for future careers. Especially if a student wishes to work in international business or banking. 

As China is surrounded by old temples, palaces, and structures that rub shoulders with feats of modernity and technology. It has gained the focus of international students to explore some of the most iconic sites and sights. Compared to the UK and USA, studying in China is much cheaper. Average tuition fees at public universities in China are between 3,300 and 10,000 dollars per year.

 While medicine, Engineering, and business degrees cost between 24,000 and 50,000 dollars annually. There is also the possibility of studying at American and British universities with a campus in China. Tuition at such institutions costs between 8,000 and 14,000 dollars per year. With the average bachelor’s degree at 11,000 dollars and the average master’s degree at 12,500 dollars per year.

 Ministry of Education recently announced that China will now allow international students at Chinese universities across the country to work part-time during their studies to make the country’s higher education system more attractive. Since China is rising, you will likely find more opportunities here. 

This could help the UK retain its place as one of the World’s most popular study-abroad hotspots, despite China moving to second place on the podium.



China is the second biggest economic country in the World. And is fast becoming a choice study destination for international students. Interestingly, more Chinese universities are gaining recognition in the world rankings because of their qualities and educational reforms. And the Study in China initiative has played a significant role in opening doors for international students. They can come and study in China by exploring different opportunities.

 So, it is not wrong to say that China is almost there to overtake the UK as a study-abroad hotspot. Since students have now started considering China as their dream destination to get an education.


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