Do you know the sixth biggest nation on earth? Yes, it’s Australia. It isn’t just a nation but also a continent. Australia is the most searched country for immigration purposes. Various individuals apply for Australian skilled immigration every day.

Australia is a nation rich in resources. It has various opportunities for individuals moving there. Migration to Australia has been successful for some individuals around the world. It offers a better way of life. It is because of the excellent economy of the nation and the extraordinary lifestyle of the people.

Although the economy is very solid with rich resources for economic and social development and improvement due to the relatively smaller population and the workforce is low. Therefore, Australia welcomes immigrants from different countries to live and work there.


Australia stands amongst those countries who welcomes a large number of immigrants each year. There are different visa categories or subclasses through which one can migrate to Australia through skilled migration. Pakistan is among those countries whose most of the people migrate to Australia on the bases of different visa subclasses of skilled immigration. If you join hands with the Expert Opinion and go through all the process then you will be an Australian national in no time. Expert Opinion help its customers concerning Australian skilled migration.

Expert Opinion Pvt. Ltd is one of leading Australian Skilled Immigration consultant working in Lahore. We help on getting your permanent visa based on Australian Skilled immigration. Today, where we stand, it is only because of our clients and our successful cases so far. We help you in getting Australian permanent residence and within the promised time.


Australian Skilled immigration is a stepwise procedure. First, to be qualified for skilled immigration, the candidate needs to get skills and qualification assessment from relevant assessing authority. The second step after getting a positive skills assessment is to dispatch the Expression of Interest (EOI) or state selection application in case of nominated visa sub-classes. After receiving the invitation from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the applicant have to apply for a visa application.

There is a number of visa categories through which you can immigrate to Australia. Following are some visa subclasses for skilled immigration:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

This visa category is for the skilled worker and is not sponsored by a family member, state or employer. Having this type of visa you can live and work anywhere in Australia. Then you can sponsor your eligible family members.

Skilled – Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This visa is for skilled professionals who are nominated by the state or the territory. Under this visa, you can work or live anywhere in Australia according to their local law. Then you have to follow all the countries law and order.

Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485)

This type of visa allows the student to work who have completed at least two years of study in Australia. Overseas students who have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree or higher education in Australian institute and remained in Australia for four years. Then they do not need to nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list (SOL).

Sponsored Provisional or Skilled – Nominated Visa (Subclass 489)

This visa category is for the workers who are nominated by the territory or state to live in Provisional Region or the area where population Growth is very low or an eligible family member living in that area sponsors you. You are restricted to work in that specified regional area.

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Australian Immigration: Benefits

If you are searching for motivations to move to Australia, we guarantee you that there are many. Australia is an extraordinary nation wealthy in culture. An ever-increasing number of individuals are keen on Immigrate to Australia because of the advantages and attractions it brings to the table to its residents. Some of these are given below:

A Civilized Nation

The residents of the nation are respectful, well-mannered and very accommodating. They are educated individuals who worth others. They warmly welcome immigrants from other countries. Their treatment urges individuals to go for migration.

Australians love sports. Their favorite sports include cricket, rugby, soccer, tennis, hockey, and swimming.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Australia enriched with natural beauty. The breathtaking views attract people from other countries. There a lot of parks, beaches and other spots one can enjoy visiting. If you love nature, then Australia brings surprising surroundings that are sufficient to make you remain there.

Health Facilities

Australia is a nation with innovative assets for medical treatment. You can have the best specialists to treat you with their experience, knowledge, and extraordinary capabilities. At times, the Australian Government additionally gives free health facilities to overseas immigrants who are experiencing some disease.

Professional Growth

Because of immigration to Australia, you can have improved and increases the chances of your expert advancement. The Skilled Australian immigration particularly gives various work chances to the outsiders. Australian Skilled Immigration additionally allows you to fire up your very own business. The Australian government provides incredible help as they enable you to work there.

Opportunities for your Children

Australia is viewed as the second best spot as far as giving a healthy and growing condition for children. Your kid can have the best of education, health facilities, work opportunities and self-awareness in Australia.

Great Options for Higher Studies

Australia offers well-prepared and forward-thinking colleges with exceptionally qualified and able staff. You can have the best education at a reasonable cost. The nation encourages immigrants to Australia for Pakistani students.

Permanent Visa

The Australian government allows a permanent visa if you fulfill the eligibility of the migration and different principles and methods following them. That implies you can live and work in Australia for a lifetime.

First, you will get the five years visa, when its duration is over you will be given a permanent residence. Then you can travel in and out Australia anytime you want to.

People can migrate to Australia in several ways. Three basic methods for becoming a permanent are through:

  • family-stream permanent visa
  • work-stream permanent visa
  • business or investor-stream permanent visa

Affordable Living Standard

Australia gives a high expectation for everyday comforts at a very low cost. The ordinary products and goods are of good quality however, the costs are very reasonable.

Australian Immigration gives various advantages yet to avail them at their fullest, you should have a sound learning about the visa classes.

Australian Immigration Processing Time

Processing time to migrate to Australia depends upon the priority of the visa classification you apply for. More often than not, the Australian skilled immigration visa classes like subclass 190 are given more priority. Subsequently, the processing time for other visas is greater as compared to the Australian skilled immigration visa.

Each visa category has to pass through the priority processing. Then the applications are divided accordingly. Then a priority number is assigned to each category. Then they are further processed according to the priority number.

Regardless of when you submitted your visa application, it will be processed according to the priority processing list.

Australian Immigration Points Calculator

The eligibility of applying for an Australian visa is processed through an Australian Immigration Points Calculator.

It’s straightforward and you can utilize it effectively. It is accessible on the web. The Australian Immigration Points Calculator allocate points based on your age, English language limit, your occupation evaluation, work experience, and some other personal details. If you want to assess yourself then fill the online form and we will let you know where you stand.

You should score at any rate 65 on this calculator. At exactly that point, you’d be viewed as qualified to hold up an application for Australian immigration.

On the off chance that you are applying for your one or more relatives as well, then they also have to assess their points on the calculator. They also have to cross the minimum 65 points.

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