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Study in the UK

Studying in the UK is a dream for many Pakistani students, but applying for a UK student visa can be complicated and even a minor mistake can lead to rejection. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common mistakes to avoid when applying for a UK student visa from Pakistan.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Application Form: One of the most common mistakes is filling out the application form incorrectly. This includes leaving out important information or providing inaccurate details. Students should carefully read the instructions and double-check their answers before submitting the application form.

Insufficient Funds: Another mistake is not having enough funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses. It's crucial to show that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in the UK. Students should provide evidence of their financial resources, such as bank statements, scholarship letters, and sponsorship letters.

Incorrect Visa Category: Students must apply for the correct visa category. There are different types of student visas, such as Tier 4 (General) Student Visa and Short-term Student Visa. Each category has its own requirements, so it's essential to choose the correct one.

Lack of Supporting Documents: Students must provide supporting documents to prove their eligibility for a UK student visa, including academic transcripts, English language test results, and a valid passport. Failure to provide these documents can result in a visa rejection.

Poor English Language Skills: Students must demonstrate proficiency in the English language to obtain a UK student visa. The most common way to do this is by taking an English language test, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Students should prepare well for the test and achieve the required score to avoid visa rejection.

Incorrect TB Test Certificate: Students from certain countries, including Pakistan, must provide a valid TB test certificate to obtain a UK student visa. The certificate must be issued by a clinic approved by the UK government. Students must ensure that they obtain the correct certificate and submit it with their visa application.

Travel History: UK visa officers consider a student's travel history when processing a student visa application. Lack of travel history can raise suspicions about the student's intentions and result in a visa rejection. Students should ensure that they have a valid travel history and provide evidence of their previous international travel.

In conclusion, applying for a UK student visa from Pakistan can be daunting, but avoiding these common mistakes can increase your chances of success. It's crucial to read the instructions carefully, provide all the required documents, and seek professional advice if necessary. By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and successful visa application process and make your dream of studying in the UK a reality.

UK Student Visa

As an international student, choosing the right country to pursue higher education can be a daunting task. There are several factors to consider, such as quality of education, cost of living, culture, and job prospects after graduation. One country that stands out in all these aspects is the United Kingdom. In this article, we will discuss why Pakistani students should choose to study in the UK and how to obtain a UK student visa.

Quality of Education:

The UK is renowned for its quality of education, with many of its universities consistently ranking among the best in the world. The UK has a long history of providing top-class education, and Pakistani students can benefit from the high-quality education offered by the UK's universities. They can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to compete globally and pursue a successful career.

Moreover, the teaching style in the UK focuses on practical learning and encourages students to think critically and creatively. Students are encouraged to participate in group discussions, presentations, and seminars, which enhances their communication and interpersonal skills.

Cost of Living:

The UK is considered one of the most expensive countries to live in, but it also offers a variety of options to manage living expenses. Pakistani students can choose from a range of affordable accommodation options, such as university halls of residence, shared flats or houses, and private rentals. They can also save on travel costs by using public transport, cycling, or walking.

Furthermore, many universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students to help cover their living expenses. Pakistani students can also take advantage of student discounts offered by various retailers and food outlets, which can help them save money while studying in the UK.


The UK is a multicultural country with a rich history and a diverse population. Pakistani students can experience a variety of cultural events and festivals such as the Notting Hill Carnival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Diwali Festival of Lights. They can also explore different parts of the country and discover the unique traditions and customs of each region.

Moreover, the UK has a vibrant music scene and hosts many international concerts and events, providing Pakistani students with an opportunity to experience new music and expand their cultural horizons. They can also enjoy a variety of cuisines and taste the local delicacies that the UK has to offer.

Job Prospects:

The UK offers excellent job prospects for international students after graduation. Pakistani students can apply for the UK's post-study work visa, which allows them to stay in the UK and work for up to 2 years after completing their studies. This visa provides an excellent opportunity for Pakistani students to gain valuable work experience and enhance their employability skills, which can help them secure a job in the UK or in any other country.

UK Student Visa:

To study in the UK, Pakistani students need to apply for a UK student visa. The process of obtaining a UK student visa involves several steps, which include:

  1. Choose a course and a university in the UK and obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the university.

  2. Apply for a UK student visa online and pay the application fee.

  3. Provide the necessary documents such as a passport, CAS, academic certificates, financial documents, and English language proficiency certificate.

  4. Attend a biometric appointment at a UK visa application center in Pakistan.

  5. Wait for a decision on the visa application, which can take up to 3 weeks.

In conclusion, studying in the UK is an excellent option for Pakistani students due to its quality of education, cost of living, culture, and job prospects. Obtaining a UK student

Studying in the United Kingdom is a highly sought-after opportunity for many students around the world, including those from Pakistan. However, the process of applying for a UK student visa can be complicated, especially if you are not familiar with the requirements. In this blog post, we will provide you with a detailed guide on the documents required to apply for a UK student visa from Pakistan to study in the UK.

Valid Passport

A valid passport is a must-have document for any international travel, and it is no different for Pakistani students applying for a UK student visa. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in the UK, and it should have at least one blank page for the visa stamp.

Completed Visa Application Form

The next requirement is to fill out a visa application form. You can download the form from the official UK government website or fill it out online. Ensure that the information provided in the form is accurate and complete. Any incorrect or incomplete information can result in the rejection of your visa application.

Recent Passport-sized Photograph

You will also need a recent passport-sized photograph that meets the UK government's requirements. The photograph should be taken against a white background and must be clear and of good quality.

Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

A Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a document issued by a UK educational institution that confirms your acceptance into a course of study. You will need to provide a CAS number in your visa application. The educational institution will issue the CAS once you have met all the requirements for admission, including payment of any tuition fees.

Evidence of Proficiency in English Language

Most UK universities require international students to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language by taking an approved language test, such as IELTS or TOEFL. You will need to submit the test scores as evidence of your language proficiency.

Evidence of Sufficient Funds

You will need to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses in the UK. The amount of money required will depend on the length of your course and where you will be studying in the UK. You can show evidence of funds through bank statements, scholarships, or sponsor letters.

Academic Transcripts and Certificates

You will need to submit your academic transcripts and certificates from your previous studies. This is to demonstrate that you meet the minimum academic requirements for admission to the course you have applied for in the UK. This may include documents like Matriculation certificate, A Bachelor's Degree or your Master's Degree if you have one.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test Results

If you are applying for a UK student visa for more than six months, you will need to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test. You will need to submit the test results as part of your visa application.

Any Other Documents

The UK embassy or consulate may require additional documents depending on your individual circumstances. For example, if you have previously been refused a visa to the UK or have a criminal record, you may need to provide additional documents to support your application.

In conclusion, applying for a UK student visa from Pakistan can be a complex process, but with the right information and documentation, it can be made easier. It is crucial to ensure that you have all the required documents and that they are accurate and up-to-date. Start the application process early to avoid any delays or complications. We at Expert Opinion specialize in all sorts of Visa Processes and Requirements, please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts to help you through your journey.

Study in UK

Are you ready to take your academic journey to the next level by studying in the UK? Look no further because Expert Opinion is here to help. As the international education partner, we bring you 20 years of experience and strong partnerships with over 100 leading universities, colleges, and educational institutions in the UK.

How we help you Study in UK?

Our student counselling services are designed to help you every step of the way, and the best part is, they are completely free of charge. Our team of certified education counsellors will guide you through the process of selecting the right course and university based on your needs, submitting your university application, and taking care of UCAS application fee waivers for eligible students. We also provide offer acceptance and tuition fee advice, IELTS test registration at our official centers, information on the latest UK student visa requirements, and pre-departure support to get you ready for your new life in the UK. Book a free appointment today and receive an expert guidance to turn your study abroad dreams into a reality.

Why Study in Uk?

The UK is one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations for international students, hosting over 500,000 students each year. There are countless reasons to choose the UK, including internationally recognized universities and degrees, a wide range of over 50,000 courses across 25 disciplines, shorter and more intensive courses that save on tuition fees and accommodation costs, high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate study programs, and the opportunity to stay for at least 2 years after completion with the new post-study work visa.

In the UK, you'll have the chance to work while you study, develop your skills and knowledge, experience a great student lifestyle with diverse cuisine, strong transport links, and famous music festivals, and live in a multicultural society rich with diversity. Additionally, the UK is the perfect place to make short trips to other parts of Europe.

After completing your study in UK

Firstly, you can continue your studies by pursuing a master's degree in the same or related field. Additionally, many UK universities offer post-study work visas, which allows international students to stay and work in the UK for a period of time after completing their studies, helping them gain valuable work experience.

In terms of career prospects, a UK degree is recognized and respected internationally, making students highly competitive in the job market. UK graduates can choose to work in a variety of industries, including finance, marketing, technology, and many others, with many multinational companies having a strong presence in the country. Furthermore, studying in the UK provides students with a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth, such as exposure to diverse cultures, access to world-class facilities and resources, and the ability to network and make connections with peers and industry leaders. Overall, a bachelor's degree from the UK opens doors for a student's future success and growth, both professionally and personally.

The UK is known for its strong and diverse economy with stable growth and low unemployment leading to a high standard of living. The service sector, including finance, tourism, retail and technology, drives the economy and is home to influential companies. The UK also has a well-developed infrastructure making it an ideal destination for business, investment and career opportunities.

So if you are thinking about taking your career to the next level and study in uk. We suggest taking action today!

Skilled immigration to australia

Skilled immigration to Australia can offer many benefits for individuals and families looking to relocate from Pakistan. With a strong economy, high standard of living, and world-class education and training opportunities, Australia is an attractive destination for skilled immigrants. Australia is offering skilled immigration to a huge list of skilled professionals. In this article, we will explore the top 5 benefits of skilled immigration to Australia from Pakistan, including economic opportunities, education and training, quality of life, safety and security, and long-term benefits.

Economic Opportunities in Australia

One of the biggest draws of skilled immigration to Australia is the country's strong economy. With a low unemployment rate and a high standard of living, skilled immigrants can take advantage of better job opportunities and higher salaries. The Australian government also encourages skilled immigration and has programs in place to help new immigrants find work and integrate into the workforce.

Better Education and Training

Australia is home to some of the world's top-ranked universities and vocational training institutions. Skilled immigrants can access these resources to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. Many Australian companies also offer on-the-job training and development programs, which can help immigrants advance their careers and increase their earning potential.

Quality of Life

Australia is known for its high quality of life. The country has a diverse and multicultural society, and it's known for its natural beauty, including beaches, forests, and mountains. Additionally, Australia has a high standard of living, with access to modern healthcare and a wide range of recreational and cultural activities.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is a major concern for many immigrants, and Australia is considered one of the safest countries in the world. With low crime rates and strong law enforcement, immigrants can enjoy peace of mind and a sense of security.

Long-term Benefits

Skilled immigration to Australia can also lead to long-term benefits for immigrants and their families. By taking advantage of the economic and educational opportunities available, immigrants can improve their income and standard of living, leading to a better future for themselves and their families. Additionally, by living in a safe and secure country, immigrants can provide their children with a stable and secure environment in which to grow and develop.

In conclusion, skilled immigration to Australia from Pakistan can offer many benefits for those looking to live in Australia. With a strong economy, high standard of living, and world-class education and training opportunities, Australia is an attractive destination for skilled immigrants. You can check if your profession falls in the list of approved professions for Australian Immigration here.

study abroad hotspot

Study Abroad Hotspot

China has devoted itself to becoming a global leader over the past decade. As a country of rapid growth, graduate prospectus, and a strong economy, it has started attracting international students to study in China. China is rapidly becoming a famous country and a study-abroad hotspot. The report forecasts that at current growth rates, it will overtake the UK as the second most adequate destination for international students, behind the USA at number one.

According to the latest reports, 398,000 students have been admitted to China, making it the World's third most popular destination for studies. Also, China is challenging UK's position as second in the international World. 

The Chinese government has raised the education standards and scholarships for international students. The Chinese government has redoubled efforts to increase the scholarships it serves to international employees. Last year, surprisingly, 40% of international students who had nearly started their studies in China received financial rewards from the government.

Also, Independent international students benefit from exposure to China and its culture, not least because of its growing economy and the job market. And now, the recently launched initiative "Study in China" has gained the focus of many international students choosing an economic powerhouse in the future.

study abroad hotspot

The "Study in China" initiative has made China a study-abroad hotspot. The program aimed to be a famous country and overtake the UK as the World's second most dominant study-abroad hotspot.

Being a Global Economic Powerhouse, China has focused on graduate business education. Especially leaving many universities to offer graduate business programs to international students in English. More than 40 percent of international students studying in China were supported by government scholarships in 2015, a fivefold increase from 2006, according to Times Higher Education (THE). China can become a viable alternative for students priced out of high international fees in the UK. Mainly as Brexit uncertainty settles in Europe.

Not even that China also offers classes to learn Chinese. At the same time, language classes can help international students to beat immersion and become fluent, which is gaining a lot of students to complete their degree in study abroad hotspots worldwide. According to UNESCO, the World's most widely spoken language is  Mandarin Chinese. It is often touted as one of the worthiest languages to learn for future careers. Especially if a student wishes to work in international business or banking. 

As China is surrounded by old temples, palaces, and structures that rub shoulders with feats of modernity and technology. It has gained the focus of international students to explore some of the most iconic sites and sights. Compared to the UK and USA, studying in China is much cheaper. Average tuition fees at public universities in China are between 3,300 and 10,000 dollars per year.

 While medicine, Engineering, and business degrees cost between 24,000 and 50,000 dollars annually. There is also the possibility of studying at American and British universities with a campus in China. Tuition at such institutions costs between 8,000 and 14,000 dollars per year. With the average bachelor's degree at 11,000 dollars and the average master's degree at 12,500 dollars per year.

 Ministry of Education recently announced that China will now allow international students at Chinese universities across the country to work part-time during their studies to make the country's higher education system more attractive. Since China is rising, you will likely find more opportunities here. 

This could help the UK retain its place as one of the World's most popular study-abroad hotspots, despite China moving to second place on the podium.



China is the second biggest economic country in the World. And is fast becoming a choice study destination for international students. Interestingly, more Chinese universities are gaining recognition in the world rankings because of their qualities and educational reforms. And the Study in China initiative has played a significant role in opening doors for international students. They can come and study in China by exploring different opportunities.

 So, it is not wrong to say that China is almost there to overtake the UK as a study-abroad hotspot. Since students have now started considering China as their dream destination to get an education.


Overseas Education Consultants

Overseas Education Consultants

The UK is the world's most popular study destination thanks to its modern and welcoming learning environment and the quality of its education, which provides a vibrant, creative, and challenging environment to develop versatility in your approach. The qualifications of the British are recognized and respected around the world. Its flexible education system caters to all streams of students and provides countless career opportunities across the globe. Apart from the quality of education, you will explore diversity in culture, a warm welcome, and much more. Here is the list of overseas education consultants for study in the United Kingdom.

Overseas Education Consultants

  • BEDFORD Overseas Education Consultants, London, United Kingdom

They are the Gold certified agent, established in 2018. The purpose is to promote the highest quality independent educational counseling to students and their families seeking professional academic counseling. Help increase professional development and encourage career satisfaction. They represent partner institutions and staffing agencies in the best interest of recruiting quality leads rather than pure volume.

BEDFORD consultants have offices in the United Kingdom, Lahore, and Karachi.


  • BOOST EDUCATION SERVICE, London, Great Britain

They are certified overseas education consultants, established in 2012, whose mission is to support international students to get their study opportunities in world universities. They aim to become a global leader and presenter in education consultancy while maintaining an exceptional standard office, course selection, university selection, university/college offers, admissions, visa assistance, scholarship assistance, study abroad assistance, pre-departure and post-arrival loans, airport assistance, accommodation services, courses of English, registration for entrance and English test, immigration assistance, visitor visas.


  • EDUCATION of EXCELLENCE (part of GLOBAL INTERACTION LTD.), London, Great Britain

The silver-certified agent's mission is to help international students by opening doors to higher education and realizing aspirations. Overseas Education Consultant and educational institutions should also contribute their resources to create better education. They are working in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. They have been working since 2012 and provide services in the fields of educational advice, course selection, university selection, university offers, and admissions, visa assistance, scholarship assistance, loan assistance for study abroad, pre-departure and post-arrival services, airport assistance services, accommodation services, Consulting for part-time work, Psychometric testing, Coaching courses for entrance exams, English courses, Help with immigration, Cooperation services with institutions.


  • Total Student Care (TSC), London UK

The silver-certified consultants' mission is to place students with genuine education providers. they aim to be a leader in the student counseling industry and set an example for others with our excellent quality student services. TSC was established in 2008 with its office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. TSCs provide services in educational counseling, course selection, university selection, university/college offers, and admissions, visa assistance, scholarship assistance, study abroad loan assistance, pre-departure and post-arrival services, airport assistance, accommodation services, part-time job counseling, Psychometric testing, Entrance exams- Coaching courses, English courses, Registration for Entrance and English tests, Immigration assistance, Visitor visas, Work permits abroad.


The IQRA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LIMITED, Reading United Kingdom

They are helping students build their future with higher education. IQRA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LIMITED were established in 2003, having its office in Lahore, Pakistan. They provide services in educational counseling, course selection, university selection, university/college offers, and admissions, visa assistance, scholarship assistance, study abroad loan assistance, pre-departure and post-arrival services, airport assistance, accommodation services, counseling for part-time work, Psychometric testing, Entrance exams - Coaching courses, English courses, Registration for Entrance and English tests, Immigration assistance, Visitor visas, Work permits abroad.

 Many educational consultants from the UK work in many countries to help students get admission to UK universities. Consultants are primarily representatives of various British universities.

Expert opinion suggests that the UK is perfect for someone because of its unique study mechanism, multiple opportunities for every class of people, stretchy and relaxed fee structure, professional learning atmosphere in leading UK universities and colleges, advanced research techniques, and many more.

England is a global country and the gateway to Europe. You can study at a top university that will boost your career prospects. You will recognize the exceptional multicultural environment and never be bored because there is something for everyone in the UK.


Green Card

Green Card

Many people from different countries want to immigrate to the US with a green card. That's why the US has developed various US immigrant visas for which people can apply. The main categories are as follows:

  • Family green cards for people who want to join their families in the US

  • Diversity Visa for people with low immigration rates to the US

  •  Returning resident visas for people who, for reasons beyond their control, were unable to return and restore their immigrant residency status.

This article will go through Family Based Green Cards, their types, requirements, filing methods, and other relevant details.

Green Card

What is a Family Green Card?

A family-sponsored green card is an immigrant visa that lets the applicant join their close relatives in the US. Close relations can be your spouse, children, parents, or siblings, but more distant relatives such as grandparents and cousins ​​do not qualify. Getting the card through family means moving to the US permanently. You can stay in any state you want, attend school, and work for a US employer. You are supposed to get a US driver's license and travel to and from the US for specific periods, and if you do not violate the rules of your visa, you can also apply for US citizenship after some time.

Depending on the type of family green card, there may be annual limits on the number of visas issued. If a ticket has a yearly limit or cap, visas are processed in chronological order. So, if you applied before reaching the limit for that year, your application will be processed. Otherwise, it would help if you waited until next year or until it's your turn.


What are the Types of Family Cards for Immigration?

There are different types of family green cards, and they vary based on the status of the person in your family living in the US. The following visa types apply to those whose family in the US is a US citizen.

  •  IR-1 visa available for the spouse of a US citizen

  •  IR-2 visa for unmarried children under 21 of a US resident

  •  IR-3 visa for children adopted overseas by a US citizen

  • IR-4 visa for children adopted in the US by a US resident

  •  IR-5 visa is a green permanent card for US citizens at least 21 years old for your parents.

These visas are called immediate relative visas and have no annual cap. The following are the family visas they can apply for:

  •  F-1 visa is granted to unmarried sons and daughters of US citizens and their minor children

  • The F-2 visa is granted to the spouse and minor children (F-2A visa) or adult children (F-2B visa) of lawful permanent residents of the US

  • The f-3 visa is granted to married children of US citizens who will travel to the US with their spouses and minor children.

  • The f-4 visa is granted to siblings of US citizens who will travel to the US with their spouses and minor children. A US native must be 21 years or older to apply for this visa.

  • These visas are called Family inclination visas and have annual limits on the number that can be issued. The F-1 visa has an annual limit of 23,400 visas, the F-2 visa has 114,200 visas, the F-3 visa has 23,400 visas, and the F-4 has 65,000 visas available per year. After reaching these limits, the rest of the applicants will be processed in the following years.


What are the Requirements for Family Green Cards?

Because family green cards are different and apply to other people, so are the requirements. The paramount need for all of them is that the person in the US must have a valid US address, and their belongings must be documented. That means they must have valid documents proving they are either US citizens or lawful permanent residents.

In addition, applicants must have no criminal record and demonstrate that they have a family relationship with a person in the US. If the US person is a spouse, they must present a valid marriage certificate. They must present a valid birth certificate if it is a relationship between children, parents, or siblings.


How to Apply for Family Green Cards?

Because there are many different Green Cards for families, the application process can also be different. Furthermore, a general overview of the procedure can be found below.

Most family card applications are divided into two parts:

  • These US citizen/LPR petitions for their family addressed to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

  • After the petition is approved, the foreign family member must contact the US embassy or consulate in their home country.

This indicates that the application process must begin in the US, and the US citizen / LPR must file a petition with the authorities. The application must be approved, or the applicant cannot start applying for a visa at the US Embassy.


How to get Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status?

The next step after getting a family visa is to become a lawful permanent resident of the US, usually known as getting a green card. To change your status from an immigrant visa to an LPR, you must first have an approved petition from USCIS and access and live in the US.

Expert opinion will add all the information mentioned to your desired plan to make things easier. 



Continue your studies in the UK. Good News! The Abertay University Scholarship is currently open. In this article, Expert Opinion will give you an introduction to Abertay University, Entry Criteria, and explain Abertay University Scholarships, Eligibility, and Application Guidelines in detail.

This opportunity is mainly for new international students who wish to complete their undergraduate degree program in the UK. Abertay University is located in Dundee, Scotland. Abertay University is an intelligent university with a long history that has quickly become one of Scotland's leading universities. It is highly regarded for its academic performance. Some talented groups of students and academics are making the university successful today.


With a notability for developing innovative courses, Abertay is a leader in video game and cyber security education and is ranked number one in Europe for higher education in video games. In addition to these areas, the university serves a range of postgraduate (taught Master's) degree programs in fields as diverse as consultancy, ethical hacking, food innovation, game development, psychology, and many more. The university also provides a wide range of undergraduate courses, including Computer Science, Business, Civil Engineering, Ethical Hacking, Food Science, Forensic Science, Marketing, Mental Health Nursing, Psychology, Sports, Sociology, and many more.

In 1888, Abertay University was known as the Dundee Institute of Technology and was granted university status in 1994. It is one of two local universities in Scotland offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate study courses. The program's goal is to create a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others. This £3,000 award is open to all prospective new international postgraduate students who: Are classed as a global (overseas) fee by Abertay University.

Entry Criteria

  • Postgraduate degrees

The minimum entry requirement for our postgraduate (taught Master's) degrees is a good undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree (equivalent to a second-class UK honors degree). Proof of English language proficiency at IELTS 6.0 or equivalent is also required.

  • Bachelor's degrees

The minimum entry requirements for our Bachelor (Bachelor) degrees are a Senior Secondary School qualification equivalent to the UK standard A Level. Proof of English language proficiency at IELTS 6.0 or equivalent is also required.

They are applying for a postgraduate course with an undergraduate degree equivalent or better (approximately 60% and above).



The following are the criteria for selecting the scholars 

  • International students are accepted for this grant.

  • They can apply for a bachelor's degree program in any field at the university.

  • Students must register as full-time students and meet all university academic requirements.

  • Applicant must have a diploma from high school.

  •  You must prove your English language through the TOEFL or IELTS test.



If you desire to be a part of this great chance, applicants must be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at the university. There is also no separate application required for the fund. When a student applies to the university, they will be automatically selected based on their academic record for a grant and will be notified by email.

The application must contain the following: 

The first requirement is a copy of academic transcripts, a passport, proof of language skills, a CV, and a motivation letter.

Only applications submitted (at the International Office and registered on the scholarship website) before the deadline will be considered.

How to Apply for Abertay University Scholarship?

  • To apply for Abertay University Scholarships for International Students, please follow the application instructions below:

  • Choose one of the offered masters or Ph.D. programs.

  •  Log in to the selected program using (Logging in to create a new account, selecting a new user, filling in the required data, uploading the required documents, and applying).

If you meet all the eligibility criteria and are awarded an Abertay International Scholarship, you will be notified by email of your study offer. If you apply after the deadline, you will be considered for the second round of scholarships.

The compact Abertay campus in Dundee city center offers its students convenience. Everything essential to student life (library, lectures, student center, and accommodation) is in one place within a short walking distance. If you are someone who wishes to study abroad, especially in Great Britain, you should never miss this opportunity.