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As an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, you may be able to sponsor your family to live in Australia. You can sponsor your spouse or partner, parents, children or other family members to migrate or remain in Australia.

Australian Government knows the importance of the family; Australia allows the Australian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their families to live with them. It also includes other members of the family, such as parents and orphaned relatives.

The family stream comprises four main categories:

  • Partner, including spouse and fiancé — this part of the program was set at 47,525 places in 2013–14, or around 78 percent of the Family Stream.
  • Child, including the dependent child or stepchild of the sponsor, a child adopted from overseas, and orphan relatives — 3,850 places or 6 percent of the Family Stream in 2013–14.
  • Parent — 8,925 places or around 15 percent of the Family Stream in 2013–14.
  • Other Family, including an aged dependent relative, remaining relative and career categories — 585 places or 1 percent of the Family Stream in 2013–14.

If you want to sponsor your family then you must be an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident. There is no requirement for the skills test or language requirement for family migration as there is for skilled migrants, but the applicants must have to meet the necessary health a character requirements. Spouse or fiancé sponsors are limited both by the time intervals between applications and by the number of applications they can make.

The Australian immigration system sets aside over 60,000 visas for family members of Australian citizens and Australian permanent each year. This represents more than one-third of the total visas distributed per year. Family visas are granted under the “Family Stream” program.

Family Stream migration has three main categories:

  • Partner
  • Child
  • Parent

Australia has made different family migration visas to allow Australian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their family members to join them in Australia. The Australian Government has proposed the following visa categories for family migration:

Following are the visa subclasses for family migration:

Partner Visa

If you want your partner to be with you in Australia then you can only sponsor your partner if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident. To sponsor a partner, you must either be married, have a registered relationship, in a de facto relationship or be engaged.

Partner Visa Subclass 820

Partner Visa Subclass 820 is the pathway for the permanent residency. Partner Visa 820 is a temporary visa allowing the visa holder to stay in Australia with his/her spouse until the partner is granted the permanent partner visa (subclass 801).

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Parent Visa

Parents with at least half of their children are a permanent resident of Australia may be qualified for a parent visa, which gives them permanent residence in Australia. Parents over a specific age might be qualified to apply for an onshore ‘aged parent’ visa which enables them to stay in Australia on a bridging visa during processing.

Parent Visa (Subclass 103)

Australian citizens or the permanent resident can sponsor their parents under Parent Visa (Subclass 103) to move to Australia and join them there. To get this type of visa you have to meet some pre-requirements, the balance of family test and another requirement, upon successful completion of which, the visa is granted.

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Child Visa

Australia provides many options for children to gain visas and reunite with their Family in Australia. Australian citizens or permanent resident parents can sponsor their children. In some cases, adopted or biological children can be eligible if they meet the prescribed criteria.

Child Visa (Subclass 802)

Australian citizens or permanent residents are blessed with child visa (Subclass 802) through which they can sponsor their child. Under this visa, a child can stay in Australia permanently.

Child Visa (Subclass 101)

This visa lets a child outside Australia who is a dependent child or a parent who is an Australian citizen or holder of an Australian permanent residence move to Australia to live with their parents. In this visa, only those children are eligible whose age is 18 years, a full-time student aged over 18 and under 25 and financially dependent on the parent or child is over 18 and unable to work due to a disability. At the time of visa application, the child must be outside Australia.

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