Australian Immigration Faq's

How much time will it be required to get a permanent visa in Australia?

This basically depends on the type of visa that you are applying for to immigrate to Australia. This process is not done overnight and this is a time taking process. Each application submitted for the immigration is different from the other and the time required could only be determined after an expert consultant gets to have a look at the application. (add link to online assessment page). For more details, you can also have a look at:https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times#

How will I be able to know if I am eligible for immigration to Australia?

A point system is generally used to assess if a person eligible to immigrate to Australia. What you can do is use an online calculator and try to get a good idea as to what are your chances to be eligible to get immigrated to Australia. (Add to link to online calculator).
You can also get an appointment with an expert consultant to get to know more about the eligibility factors. (add link to Contact us)

Will I get help from the immigration authorities or the embassy to have my application checked so that I can make sure everything is in order before applying?

This service is no longer available or provided by the government. The work of the authorities is to just enforce the law of immigration, to make the decisions and to issue visas. Basic information is mentioned on the form itself but if you need any further guidance, then our experts can be there to help you quite easily.

Is it possible for the immigration authorities to refuse to accept my application?

Yes, a lot of immigrants go through this case as well. Mostly immigrants are unaware of the fact that these applications are so thoroughly check and reviewed. Seeking professional guidance always helps. The expert opinion would not only help you find your way through the process of the immigration but at the same time, it would be highly effective.

How would I come to know if I am eligible for a Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) to Australia?

When you are done with the Free Assessment, you will have a much better understanding of yourself as being eligible or ineligible for the Skilled Independent Visa (SubClass 189).
For a more detailed assessment, you will have to contact the Expert Australian Immigration Consultants to tend to you more personally.

6. How much would I be charged for my visa application?

The Migration Agent’s prices are quite different from the fees that are mentioned by the Department of Home Affairs for the Visa Application. These are often mistakes as the price that is paid to the Migration Agent. Here, you are paying a price to the Migration Agent for the services that they provide you with.
Your charges can be divided as:
• Migration Agent prices (our consultancy fee)
• Department of Home Affairs fees
• Skills assessment charges
• IELTS Examination charges
• Health Check charges
• Police Check charges

I have completed the skill assessment and submitted my EOI through the Skill Select but my EOI was still unsuccessful. Can I get the refund of the charges that I had submitted for the skill assessment?

No. You can not. It is advisable that you get the assistance of an expert if you think you are eligible to be a skilled migrant. You can make sure that your EOI is filled in a very accurate manner and submitted as soon as possible to get the invite to apply.

I am a skilled worker and wish to migrate to Australia. Should I have my skill assessment and English skills level test completed and receive the documents before the submission of the EOI?

Along with being skilled and intending to migrate to and work in Australia, you would have to meet the criteria of the positive skills assessment and English language completely. The EOI is to have the record of these details. These details must be accurate and according to your documents. Once the EOI approves the application, you would be invited to apply. Here, your visa application must be in coherence with all the claims that you have made.

Should I employ the professional services of an immigration agent with the purpose of presenting the EOI petition and then if the case is different and the petition is chosen out of the EOI bank, should I get the professional service for the rest of the immigration procedure?

Yes. You can do this. You can seek the help of a professional service to assist you with the EOI submission and for any other thing that you may want. If you want more information about the immigration to Australia, you are free to write to an email to info@expertopinion.pk and get consultation from the experts who will get in touch with you and answer your questions or call us at (add contact us link)

How do you charge your clients?

We have a fixed price for our high quality strategic work. We do not charge our clients for the initial consultation. Our general prices, for other services, are refundable and fixed at 2300 US Dollars.

Is there an age limit to be kept in mind when we are applying for the Australian Skilled Immigration visas?

The age limit depends on the visa that you are applying for. There is a general skilled migration visa program, with a cut off age at 45 years. After an individual is 45 years, they are no longer eligible to apply for the Australian general skilled migration visa. This stands rigid even if they meet all other requirements.

Is there a level that has to be met as per the knowledge of the English language is required for an Australian visa applicant?

When applying for an Australian visa, a minimum score of 6 is required under all the modules of IELTS or any other test which is considered to be equal to IELTS. As opposed to a general visa, there are some visas, in which there is a rigid rule in which you need to take a specific test to prove your knowledge of the English language.

How will expressing an interest through some kind of Skill Select and presenting my own profile would be useful for me, from the perspective of a sponsor?

These activities are known to hold such significance that it would with have you be selected or not selected. Under the newly offered Skill Select, your applications would be visible to the people who are looking for some kind of specific skill set. If an employer ends up finding your application according to their own needs, you may find it in your favor and it would improve the chances you have for getting your sponsorship

What is the invitation’s validity time and what happens after the time is up?

The invitation validity time is almost about 60 days. During this time, a petition is to be submitted to the Department of the Home Affairs. If the profile is not picked up in two years of the EOI’s submission, the petition for the EOI will lapse and the data will be removed from the data bank.

Is it possible for me to present a petition with 60 points even when I haven’t scored any points in IELTS?

Yes, you can apply with 60 points and get additional 5 to 10 points which would mean that you get a total of about 65 points.

Is it important for me to have an employment offer for the Subcategory 489?

You are suggested to check the particular state requirements of the state that you wish staying in. What happens is that for some states you would have to need an employment offer while in some areas, since it is said to be a necessity for those who are going to make use of the Subcategory 489.

Is it possible for me to change my visa subcategory after the EOI is lodged?

Yes, it is possible for you to do so. You will have to update you EOI with the details in the two year time. You will be able to get the opportunity to keep updating your profile in the Skill Select anytime you wish. You would also need to have the right to keep updating your EOI constantly as you keep getting some papers and certificates. You would be able to get more employment experience with this.

Are there specific lists to pick the professions from for the State sponsored &Regional sponsored, or would it be more advisable to follow a single list?

The occupation lists that are given to the immigrants are of two types. The first is the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List, which is also referred to as the MLTSSL and the other is the Short term Skilled Occupation List, also known as the STSOL.

What are the marks that an individual needs to score for the points-based immigration visas?

The visa subclasses 189, 190 and 489 to 65 points.

If I am unable to get an invite, will I be getting the money is spent for the skills assessment & the language test for English?

No. you will not be able to get your money back. But at the same time, just because you had filled an EOI application, it does not mean that you would be getting an invite. So if the petition fails to be selected, you would obviously not get any refunds for the expenses that you had paid for appearing in the IELTS test and assessment for the skills.

Are my spouse and children included in the application that I have filled for my visa or do I need to get a separate application for them?

The main application is for the applicant, his or her spouse or common law partner and the dependent child or children. There are some additional costs that you would have to pay, and this depends on the size of your family. The base application is to cover the fees for each family member. The costs also depend on the age and the relationship the sponsor has with the main applicant.

Will I have to write the English Language Test?

Yes. It is a general rule. Every applicant, regardless of what the circumstances are, will have to take the English Test.

If my visa is granted, will I have to leave for Australia immediately or would it be possible for me to delay my immigration?

No. You would be given an initial date according to which you would have to enter Australia as per your visa grant. It would be based on the validity of your medical records and the police clearances.

Is it possible for me to delay my initial entry date?

Generally the department is very reluctant to delay the initial entry date.