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Going to another country is an undeniably intimidating process. If you get permanent or temporary residence in a country you dream to settle in, it becomes a pretty amazing moment. If Canada is your dreamland and you wish to obtain Canadian Immigration, then you’re at the right place.
Here, we will explain you about the current programs that Immigration Canada is offering for the candidates from all over the world. Canada Immigration Express Entry introduced in 2015 is the most popular program to get Canadian permanent residency.

You shouldn’t ignore the fact that you are bound to show the same obligations to the society as well. Once you spend two years of your residency period within Canada, you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship after the period of three years. The good thing is that you don’t have to give up your existing citizenship as the Canadian government accepts dual nationality


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However, there’s a difference between permanent residency and obtaining citizenship in Canada. The very first thing is that you don’t get the right to vote with your permanent residency. When you become the citizen of Canada, they can’t take it back. While, if you commit a felony or such a crime that is intolerable within Canada, the government may deport you back.

Canadian Immigration consists of six main categories or groups as we may call them. The main types include:

Each group addresses a group of immigrants and comes with some specific requirements. Coming to Canada under Asylum category is also possible or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Understand each of the programs in detail below:

In this article, you will find everything related to Immigration to Canada, Canada immigration points, Canada Express Entry, how to get Canadian Immigration, etc. So, Keep Reading…
Before we move further to Canadian Immigration programs in detail, here is an update for Canadian Immigration 2017. All the information is valid for Canadian Immigration for Pakistani Nationals.

Canada Immigration Faq's

What do you mean by express entry?
It is a system that is used by the Canadian government for managing the applications for the permanent resident visa via a specific economic immigration program. The express entry system is used to have the application of the skilled and qualified workers.
Will I be able to have more than a single Express Entry profile?
No, it is not possible to have more than one express entry profile at a time. This is a Canadian Immigration Law.
Will I need an Educational Credential Assembly for applying under the Express Entry Profile?
To get points under education under the Comprehensive Ranking System, you need to have a valid Educational Credential Assessment. You can contact our experts to know how many points will you be able to get for your education.
For how long will the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report be valid for?
It will be accepted for five years after the date of the issuance.
What language test should I take for the Express Entry?
Following tests are accepted by the department only:
Of you are taking the English test, then:
• CELPIP, or Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
• IELTS also known as International English Language Testing System
If you want to take the test for French, you will have to take:
• TEF Canada, Test d’évaluation de français
• TCF Canada, Test de connaissance du français
Do I need to include only a minimum work experience in an Express Entry profile or should I add more details to it to qualify for one of the programs?
You will have to include a total of 10 years experience included in your Express Entry Profile to actually quality for any program.
How many points will I be able to get for my siblings in Canada?
You will be able to get a total of 15 additional points if you have a sibling, who is:
• Residing within the country
• A permanent resident or a citizen of Canada
Is it possible for me to be eligible for over a single program under the Express Entry?
Yes, if you have filled information on you profile properly and are looked up in a specific way, you may be eligible for more than a single program for the Express Entry.
How can I find my NOC code?
Your NOC code, or National Occupation Classification Code is the the number that a job is listed under. In Canada, it is the official job classification system. Each application will have a unique profile that will only be determined after the Expert Consultant has completed doing the personal assessment.When I am applying as a couple will I need to have my wife’s ECA report?
It is not necessary but if you wish to get points for your wife it will be advisable for you to have your wife’s ECA. If you don’t, you may loose some points which may actually be very precious. To get more information about this you can get in touch with our experts.
Is it necessary for me to have a job offer to apply for a visa?
No, it is not important for you to have a job offer but you will have to be registered to get a job. But if you have a job offer it will increase your chances for getting the visa.

How can I No way I am eligible to apply?
You can get to know if you are eligible to apply for the visa by using an online calculator. If not, you can get in touch with our export consultants and get to know about this in detail.
Will the embassy help me fill my application and check that everything is correct before I apply for the immigration?
This service is not provided by the government. The authorities are to make sure that the immigration laws are followed properly and to make the decision as to who should be awarded the visa and to issue the residence visas. All the necessary information is already mentioned on the application itself. But since the authorities will not be able to give you personalized guidance according to your case, you can actually get in touch with an expert immigration agent to get these kind of services.
Is it possible for the immigration authorities to refuse to accept my application?
Yes, a large number of applicants are not aware of how the immigration regulations and rules are enforced. So, seeking professional guidance in matter’s like these is always advisable and you can get help from any expert guidance office that offers to deal with the immigration consultant and make sure that your application is not rejected.
How will I be able to know if I can qualify for the express entry?
With the completion of the free assessment, you will have a better idea about your eligibility for applying under the skilled immigration program.
To get a detailed assessment about your eligibility you will have to contact an expert Canadian immigration consultant to get more information on your case in a personalized meeting.
Will my visa application include my spouse for children or is it necessary for me to have an additional application and pay for the separate charges for them?
The main application that is filled by you is for you, your spouse or a common law partner and your dependent children. There will be some additional costs for you to pay based on the size of your family. The best application has the fee which covers only the main applicant being you and then there are separate charges for each of your family member. These costs depend on their age and the relationship with the main applicant.
Will have to leave for Canada immediately after my visa is granted?
It is not important. You will be given an initial entry date on your visa which will be according to the validity of your medical records and police clearances.
What am I paying for in the fee that I am paying along with my visa application?
You will be paying for a migration agent price which is our consultancy fee. Other fees are the visa fee, the educational assessment charges, IELTS examination charges, health check charges and the police check charges.
How will you be charging me?
We are charging a fixed price for our high quality strategic work, where as our initial consultation is free of charge and it includes looking up your options and advising you on how should you apply for the visa. Our prices are covered with a refund policy which is fixed at 2300 US Dollars.

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