Parent Visa

This category covers visas in the Family Stream of the Migration Program. Family Stream Visas are those for which eligibility is based on the specified familial relationship with an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident. There is no automatic “right” for family members of Australian to migrate to Australia. Like all visa applicants, the eligibility of family members to travel to, enter or remain in Australia, whether temporary or permanently, is based on complex eligibility criteria. Family member who do not meet the eligibility criteria for a visa in the Family Stream should explore their options under other streams.

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Here are different child Visa options :

Child (Subclass 101 and 802)
▷ For the adopted, biological and, in limited circumstances, step-child of an Australian citizen or “holder of a permanent visa”.

Orphan Relative (Subclass 837 and 117
▷ For orphaned relative of an Australian citizen or permanent resident where the applicant is aged under 18 years, and their parents are deceased, permanently incapacitated or of unknown whereabouts

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Adoption (Subclass 102)
▷ For the adopted child of an Australian citizen or “holder of a permanent visa”. This visa is only available to applicants who are outside Australia at the time they apply.

Dependent Child (Subclass 445)
For the child of a provisional partner visa holder or holder of a subclass 445 visa holder

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