Romania Study Visa from Pakistan - Fees, Processing Time, and Application Process

Romania Study Visa from Pakistan

Romania has emerged as a popular destination for international students, including those from Pakistan, seeking quality education at an affordable cost. With its rich cultural heritage, diverse educational programs, and vibrant student life, Romania offers a unique blend of academic excellence and European experience. The country is home to some of Europe’s oldest universities, providing a variety of courses taught in English, Romanian, and other languages. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on obtaining a Romania study visa from Pakistan, covering everything from visa types to application procedures, and costs involved.

Types of Romania Study Visa

Romanian Student Long Stay Visa

The Romanian student long stay visa is essential for Pakistani students who plan to pursue their education in Romania for a period longer than 90 days. This visa allows students to enroll in full-time study programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. The application process for the Romanian student long stay visa requires meticulous preparation and adherence to specific guidelines to ensure approval. Additionally, students must provide proof of enrollment and payment of tuition fees, along with evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Romania.

The Residence Permit

Upon arrival in Romania, Pakistani students must apply for a residence permit, which is valid for one year and can be renewed annually. The residence permit allows students to reside legally in Romania throughout their study period and enjoy various benefits, such as access to healthcare and part-time employment opportunities. Students must apply for the residence permit within 30 days of entering Romania, and the application process involves submitting biometric data and other relevant documents to the immigration authorities.

Top Universities in Romania for Pakistani Students

Romania hosts several prestigious universities that attract international students due to their high academic standards and innovative research programs. Here are some of the top universities in Romania for Pakistani students, along with their admission dates:

UniversityAdmission Dates
University of BucharestMarch 15 – July 31
Babeș-Bolyai UniversityApril 1 – August 15
Polytechnic University of BucharestMay 1 – September 1
Alexandru Ioan Cuza UniversityMarch 1 – July 30
University of TimișoaraApril 1 – August 20
Carol Davila University of Medicine and PharmacyFebruary 1 – June 30
Transilvania University of BrașovMarch 1 – July 15

These universities offer a wide range of programs, including engineering, medicine, humanities, and social sciences, providing excellent opportunities for Pakistani students to pursue their academic interests.

Romania Study Visa Requirements from Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria for Romania Study Visa from Pakistan

To be eligible for a Romania study visa, Pakistani students must meet the following criteria:

  • Acceptance by a Romanian educational institution: Applicants must have an official acceptance letter from a recognized Romanian university or college.
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources to cover tuition fees and living expenses: This can include bank statements, sponsorship letters, or scholarship confirmation.
  • Health insurance coverage for the duration of the stay: Students must have valid health insurance that covers medical expenses in Romania.
  • Clean criminal record: Applicants must provide a police clearance certificate indicating no criminal history.

Documents Required for a Romania Study Visa from Pakistan

Pakistani students need to submit the following documents when applying for a Romania study visa:

  • Completed visa application form: Available on the Romanian embassy’s website.
  • Valid passport with at least six months validity: The passport must have at least two blank pages.
  • Letter of acceptance from a Romanian educational institution: The acceptance letter must be issued by the Ministry of Education and Research in Romania.
  • Proof of financial means (bank statements, scholarship confirmation, etc.): Applicants must demonstrate they have enough funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses for at least one year.
  • Health insurance policy: Covering the entire duration of stay in Romania.
  • Accommodation proof (university dormitory or private housing): Applicants must provide evidence of accommodation arrangements in Romania.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs: Meeting the visa photo requirements.
  • Police clearance certificate: Issued by the relevant authorities in Pakistan.
  • Visa fee payment receipt: Proof of payment for the visa application fee.

How to Apply for a Romania Student Visa from Pakistan

  1. Obtain Acceptance Letter: Secure admission to a recognized Romanian educational institution and receive an acceptance letter. Ensure the letter is from the Ministry of Education and Research in Romania.
  2. Prepare Documents: Gather all required documents, ensuring they meet the visa requirements and are properly authenticated.
  3. Submit Application: Apply for the student visa at the Romanian Embassy in Pakistan, either in Islamabad or Karachi. Schedule an appointment and submit the application in person.
  4. Attend Interview: Attend a visa interview if required by the embassy. Be prepared to answer questions about your study plans and financial situation.
  5. Pay Visa Fee: Pay the non-refundable visa application fee. The fee can be paid at the embassy or through a designated bank.
  6. Await Decision: Wait for the visa processing period, which can take several weeks. Track the status of your application through the embassy’s online portal.
  7. Receive Visa: Once approved, collect your visa from the embassy. Ensure all details on the visa are correct before traveling to Romania.

Romania Study Visa Intakes

Romanian universities generally have two major intakes for international students:

  • Fall Intake (September/October): The primary intake with most programs available. Application deadlines typically range from March to July.
  • Spring Intake (February/March): A secondary intake with limited program options. Application deadlines usually fall between October and December.

Some universities may also offer additional intakes for specific programs, so it is advisable to check the university’s official website for exact dates and deadlines.

Romania Study Visa Cost in Pakistan

The cost of obtaining a Romania study visa from Pakistan includes several components:

  • Visa Application Fee: Approximately €120, payable at the time of application.
  • Health Insurance: Around €60-€100 per year, depending on the provider and coverage.
  • Travel Expenses: Vary based on airline and travel plans, typically ranging from €400-€800 for a round trip.
  • Tuition Fees: Dependent on the chosen university and program, generally ranging from €2,000 to €5,000 per year for most courses. Medical and engineering programs may have higher fees.

Romania Living Cost For Pakistanis

The cost of living in Romania is relatively affordable compared to other European countries. Here’s a breakdown of monthly expenses:

ExpenseCost (in EUR)

Students should budget around €500-€700 per month to cover all living expenses, including leisure activities and emergency funds.

Romania Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Romania study visa from Pakistan typically ranges from 30 to 60 days. It is advisable to apply well in advance to accommodate any potential delays. During peak times, such as the start of academic semesters, processing times may be longer, so planning ahead is crucial.

Romania Study Visa Bank Statement

Applicants must provide a bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover at least one year of tuition and living expenses. This usually amounts to approximately €6,000-€10,000. The bank statement should be recent, preferably not older than three months, and must be stamped and signed by the bank.

How to Appeal if Your Romania Visa is Refused

If your Romania study visa application is refused, you have the right to appeal the decision. The appeal must be filed within 30 days of receiving the refusal notice. Consult with a legal advisor or immigration consultant to strengthen your case and increase the chances of a successful appeal. The appeal process involves submitting additional supporting documents and a detailed explanation addressing the reasons for the initial refusal.

Romania Study Visa Consultants in Pakistan

Engaging experienced study visa consultants can significantly enhance your application success rate. They provide guidance on document preparation, interview coaching, and appeal processes, ensuring you meet all requirements. Consultants are knowledgeable about the latest visa regulations and offer personalized advice tailored to your needs, helping you navigate the process efficiently and effectively,

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Romania student Visa from Pakistan - Fees, Processing Time, and Application Process​

Common FAQs About Romania Student Visa

The visa approval ratio for Pakistani students applying to study in Romania is generally favorable, provided all eligibility criteria and documentation requirements are met. Well-prepared applications with complete and accurate information tend to have a higher success rate.

The success rate for Romania student visas from Pakistan is high, especially for well-prepared applications with complete and accurate documentation. Ensuring all documents are properly authenticated and meeting all financial and health insurance requirements are key factors in achieving a positive outcome.

While IELTS is not mandatory for all universities, many Romanian institutions require proof of English language proficiency. It is advisable to check the specific requirements of your chosen university. Other acceptable language tests may include TOEFL, Cambridge English exams, or proof of previous education in English.

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