Skilled Immigration opportunity for Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Skilled Immigration opportunity for Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are the countries currently providing an opportunity to Skilled professionals from all over the world to come and settle in these countries only on the basis of Applicant’s skills and work experience.

Currently, skilled applicants can apply for a temporary or permanent residence visa for Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Applicant must have their occupation is relevant country’s demand list and also have to meet minimum requirements set against his occupation by intended country. Normally, Skilled immigration applications are assessed against four factors and applicants are awarded points against each factor. These factors include age, education, job experience and English language ability of the applicant. Please be advised that there are many other things to keep in mind while applying for Skilled immigration.

• Environmental Consultants
• Environmental Engineers
• Environmental Advisers
• Environmental Auditors.
• Environmental Officers.
• Environmental Research Scientists.
• Environmental Scientists.
• Air Pollution Analysts.
• Ecologists.
• Land Degradation Analysts.
• Water Quality Analysts.
• Soil Scientists.
• Aquaculture Consultants.

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