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Australian Skilled Visa Subclass 476

Australian Skilled Visa Subclass 476

One of the most remarkable and unique pathways leading to immigration and Permanent Residency in Australia is through the Skilled Visa Subclass 476. Since Australia, at present, is among the most heavily investing countries in their infrastructure, this has opened up a tremendous number of opportunities for the competent Engineers from Pakistan as well as from the rest of the world.

In order to keep pace with the growing requirement for competent Engineers across Australia, the Australian Government has created a dedicated pathway which enables recently graduated individuals with an accredited Engineering degree, to relocate to Australia in a seamless manner. On top of the possibility of initial relocation, this pathway could open the door for one to ultimately become an Australian Permanent Resident in the
shortest possible span.

Benefits of Skilled Visa Subclass 476

The Graduate Visa Subclass 476 allows you and any secondary applicant included in your visa application, such as a spouse or a child, to remain in Australia for up to 18 months with no restrictions on Job or study.

A handful of the possibilities with the award of this visa are given below:
  • Provides the chance to live in one of the world’s most lovely nations
  • Provides a useful experience of working in prestigious Australian organizations
  • Provides an alternative pathway to ultimately becoming a Permanent Resident
  • Provides the ultimate opportunity to obtain further education in world-class universities
  • Provides the ability to bring along one’s spouse, partner or a dependent person if relevant criteria is fulfilled
  • Grants unrestricted right to working full time anywhere in Australia

Skilled Visa Subclass 476 as Pathway to Australian Permanent Residency

As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, including the minimum marks on the Points Test for Australian Immigration, or are sponsored by an employer in Australia anywhere during your stay on the Australian soil under Visa Subclass 476, you can simply apply for a change of status from within Australia, thus becoming an Australian Permanent Resident in the most effective span of time.

The Added Convenience: Your Loved Ones Would Get to Stay With You

In addition to the above-stated benefits, the Visa Subclass 476 even provides with this priceless convenience of being able to include the following secondary applicants in your visa application, right from day one:

  • Your spouse or your inter-dependent partner
  • Your dependent child or that of your spouse

Eligibility Requirements for Skilled Visa Subclass 476

At the time of application, the main individual must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Is under 31 years of age
  • Has graduated within last 2 years
  • Holds an Engineering Degree which is specifically accredited as per Washington Accord
  • Had not filed for subclass 476 or 485 in the past
  • Received an IELTS general score of at least 6 with a minimum score of 5.5  in each of the four parts, i.e., listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Holds a valid Character Certificate, or a similar document, issued from the relevant law enforcement authorities of the country of residence/origin, documenting no past criminal record

Processing Fee Structure for Subclass 476 Recognized Graduate Visa

  • Main Applicant Fee | AUD 410/- | (non-refundable)

Health Requirements for Skilled Visa Subclass 476

You have to meet certain health and fitness requirements before applying for the visa subclass 476. The health examinations are mainly dependent on the following factors.

  • Your country of citizenship
  • Personal circumstances
  • Intended activities in Australia

Critical Information: Please note that the health certificate obtained from the competent Australian authorities is valid only up to 12 months from the date of issuance.

Most Sought-after Specializations and Engineering Streams under Skilled Visa Subclass 476

At present, the following constitute the most robust specializations in Engineering which are highly in-demand with the Australian employers:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical, production and plant engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Instrument & Control Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

If you have graduated with a degree in any of the above, or even in any other Engineering Specialization(s) not listed here, feel free to reach us today and get an Expert Opinion straight up for the endless opportunities available for you in Australia!

It is onwards to new horizons and better lifestyle from here on, after all.