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We provide expert team to create great value for immigration. Our certified & reliable Immigration Consultant professionals can help you get a positive decision on your case.

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The Founders’ Promise

Having begun from the scratch ourselves at Expert Opinion, and having built our reputation through nothing but hard work, we impart utmost value to the aspirations of our worthy clients. In this regard, please be assured that we do not, and will never do the following.


Since 2016 we have established Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion was established to formally educate and serve our fellow citizens in assisting them with choosing options which offered better and more sustainable opportunities, especially along with a definite pathway leading to some permanent settlement.

Fast forward to today and we take utmost pride in the fact that what began as a humble effort to help skilled but underpaid Pakistanis to choose and relocate permanently to Australia over the Middle East, thanks to the more lenient conditions for immigration in Australia back then, now stands as one renowned organization which has not only carved a niche of itself with regard to diverse immigration services, but has also helped thousands of common Pakistanis reach their true potential in life.

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Meet our team of dedicated and experienced immigration consultants, ready to guide you through every step of your immigration process.

Farooq Shahid

Senior Immigration Consultant

Hamid Mehmood

Senior Immigration Consultant

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