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About Australia

Australia, commonly known as the Land Down Under, is a vast and diverse country, recognized for its stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and casual lifestyle. With a strong economy and freedom in civil and security rights- It’s a dream place to live in for many people across the world.

Population: 25.4 million

Language: English

Economy: Advanced, open-market

Currency: Australian dollar

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Types of Australian Immigration Visa

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Benefits of Australian Immigration From Pakistan

If you are searching for motivations to move to Australia, we guarantee you that there are many. Australia is an extraordinary nation that is wealthy in culture. An ever-increasing number of individuals are keen on immigrating to Australia because of the advantages and attractions it brings to the table. Some of these are given below:

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Australia Visa Fee for Pakistani Citizens

Visa typeFeesPurpose
Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa- Subclass 476


For additional applicant over 18


For additional applicant under 18


The Graduate Visa Subclass 476 allows you and any secondary applicant included in your visa application, such as a spouse or a child, to remain in Australia for up to 18 months with no restrictions on Job or study.
Skilled PR- subclass 189


For additional applicant over 18


This visa category is for skilled workers and is not sponsored by a family member, state, or employer. Having this type of visa can allow you to live and work anywhere in Australia.
State nominated- subclass 190


For additional Person over 18


For additional Person under 18


This visa is for skilled professionals who are nominated by the state or the territory. Under this visa, you can work or live anywhere in Australia according to the locally applicable laws within that specific territory. 
Regional sponsorship- subclass 491


For additional Person over 18


For additional Person over 18


This visa is for skilled workers nominated by a regional area in Australia, allowing them to live and work in that region to address local skill shortages and support regional development.
Visit Visa- Subclass 600AUD 365.00This visa is for those who want to visit Australia for vacations, to see family and friends, or for short-term non-work purposes, including studying for less than three months.

Australia Visa Processing Time

Subclass Visa Processing Time
Subclass 476

75% of applications in 15 months

90% of applications in 20 Months
Subclass 189

75% of applications: 6 Months

90% of applications: 8 Months

Subclass 190 75% of applications: 4 Months 90% of applications: 7 Months
Subclass 491

75% of applications: 12 Months

90% of applications: 14 Months

Subclass 485

75% of applications: 32 Days

90% of applications: 77 Days

Subclass 600 Most processing times are within 26 days

Australian Immigration Requirements

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Australian Immigration Points Requirements

In order for your visa to be granted, you’ll need to score at least 60 points.  

We’ve got some tables here that break down how points are awarded for Skill select visas. They provide a detailed breakdown, so you can see exactly how the points are calculated.

Points as per English Language Proficiency:

English Language Proficiency (Ielts Score) Points
Superior (IELTS score of 8 or more) 20
Proficient (IELTS score of 7 or more) 10
Competent (IELTS score of 6 or more) 0

Points as per the Skills:

Length of Skilled Employment Within Australia (Within Last Ten Years)


1 year5
3 years10
5 years15
8 years20
Length of Skilled Employment Outside of Australia (Within Last Ten Years)Points
3 years5
5 years10
8 years15

Points as per Education Level:



Doctorate 20
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree 15
Australian Diploma or trade qualification 10
Award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation 10
Spouse/Partner Skills and Qualifications Points
Spouse/partner meets basic requirements 5

Points as per Age:



18-24 25
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-44 15
45-49 0

How to Apply for Australian Immigration From Pakistan

You must submit an application for the proper visa regardless of the application stream you choose. For that, you’d need an ImmiAccount first, registered on the Home Affairs portal before you can submit a visa application.

Here’s how to create an ImmiAccount on the official Home Affairs portals web.

  • Simply log into the official Australian department Home Website.
  • Create your Account by submitting the necessary details i.e. Phone number, address, qualification, etc.
  • Proceed further and choose your relevant skill and you’re good to go.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The average salary in Australia is around AUD 89,000 per year.

The ease of getting a Visa to Australia from Pakistan depends on the type of visa and individual circumstances.

The required bank statement for an Australian visa varies, but generally, having access to sufficient funds for living expenses is important.

The cost of an Australian visa from Pakistan varies depending on the visa type, with prices ranging from around AUD 140 to AUD 7,865 or more.

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