Regional Sponsorship - Subclass 491 visa Australia

491 Australia Visa

Australia is emerging as a leading country for international migrants who are looking for a luxury lifestyle and amazing opportunities at workspaces.

Therefore, A Subclass 491 Australia Visa is a tremendous opportunity for skilled workers to work in Australia for 5 years to showcase their talent.

491 Australia Visa

What is A Subclass 491 Visa?

A point-based visa that allows skilled workers and their families to live and work in regional areas of Australia for 5 years is known as a Subclass 491 Visa.

Benefits of A Subclass 491 Visa

Here are some of the key benefits of a 491 Australia Visa:

Discover Regional Opportunities

This Visa enables skilled workers and their families to live and work in designated areas of Australia.

Permanent Residence Visa

One of the top benefits of a 491 Visa is a chance to achieve permanent residency status in Australia. The validity of this visa is 5 years, however after working in regional areas for at least 3 years, one becomes eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident 190 Visa.

Welfare Programs

The subclass 491 Visa grants access to health and welfare programs that provide support during challenging times. One can enjoy the same rights as Australian citizens upon permanent residency.

Healthcare and Education

With a 491 Visa, one will have access to Australia’s world-class health and education system with some Government-subsidized services.

Eligibility Criteria For 491 Visa Australia

To satisfy a 491 Visa, you must meet the following requirements:


You must be under 45 years on age upon receiving an invitation to apply.

Nomination or Sponsorship

You can receive an invitation either from a sponsor living in Australia already or a nominated by the Government.


You need to undergo medical examinations to meet the health requirements.

Character Proof

You must provide proof of no criminal record from your country’s police.

English Proficiency

The English Language is crucial. Depending on the job type, you might undergo a language like IELTS to showcase your proficiency in English.

Skill assessment

You must comply with the skill evaluated by the Australian assessing authority.

Expression of Interest

You must submit an Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect System, which involves assessment and ranking based on your points.

491 Visa Documents Requirements

The documents for 491 Visa are classified in the following categories:

Major Documents:

  • Passport
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • English Language Test

For Applicants with age 18-25:

  • Passport
  • Financial Dependency Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption Papers (For Specific Cases)

If you are applying through a relative, then your sponsor needs to provide following requirements:

  • Age Proof (above 18 years or above)
  • Declaration of your sponsor
  • Proof of sponsor being your relative
  • Permanent Residency Proof

491 Visa Points Requirements

A Subclass 491 Visa operates on a point-based system with a requirement of 65 points on the table for the approval. The overview of these points is:

Age Points
at least 18 but less than 25 years 25
at least 25 but less than 33 years 30
at least 33 but less than 40 years 25
at least 40 but less than 45 years 15

English Skills

English Test Points
Competent English 0
Proficient English 10
Superior English 20

Overseas skilled employment – (outside Australia)

Number of years Points
Less than 3 years 0
At least 3 but less than 5 years 5
At least 5 but less than 8 years 10
At least 8 years 15

Australian skilled employment – (in Australia)

Number of years Points
Less than 1 year 0
At least 1 but less than 3 years 5
At least 3 but less than 5 years 10
At least 5 but less than 8 years 15
At least 8 years 20

Partner skills

Requirement Points

Your spouse or de facto partner must also be an applicant for this visa and meet age, English and skill criteria

For you to be eligible for the award of these points your partner must be an applicant for the same visa subclass and must not be an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen.  Additionally, you will need to provide evidence that when you were invited to apply for this visa they:

  • were under 45 years old
  • had competent English
  • had nominated a skilled occupation that is on the same skilled occupation list as your nominated skilled occupation.
  • had a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated skilled occupation, and the assessment wasn’t for a Subclass 485 visa.

Total Cost of 491 Subclass Visa

Visa Subclass Base Application Charge Additional Applicant Charge 18 And Over Additional Applicant Charge Under 18
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) AUD4,640.0 AUD2,320.0 AUD1,160.0

491 Visa Processing Time

There is no specific time for Visa processing. However, usually it takes 6 to 12 months to get the status of your application.

How to Apply For a Subclass 491 Visa?

The application process for a 491 Australia Visa comprises several steps, which include:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can stay in Australia for 5 years. However, you can apply for Permanent Residency after working in regional areas for 3 years.

Applicants who receive a nomination letter from an Australian territory or a sponsor already living in Australia can apply for Subclass 491 Vias.

You can convert your subclass 491 into a PR 191 visa only if:

  • Have been working in regional Australia for at least three years.
  • Have a full-time work experience of a minimum of one year in Australia.
  • Meet the requirements of character and health by the Australian Government.
  • Are earning AUD 53900 or more per annum for three consecutive years

You can get a Permanent Resident Visa after working in South Australia for at least 3 years with Subclass 491, provided you comply with the requirements.

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