Australian skilled immigration provides freedom to Accountants or Auditors to live and work in Australia permanently. There is a shortage of Accountants or Auditors in Australia, to overcome this shortage Australia provides an opportunity for the talented accountants younger than 50 years to live and work in the most ideal country. Chartered Financial and Management Accountants are the occupations, which are still in demand in Australia.

Like every other profession, there is a high competition for Accountants or Auditors moving to Australia under any of the Permanent Residency Immigration Visas. Permanent Residency is a point-based system, in which you must have to score at least 65 points based on age, qualification, work experience, English Language (IELTS) ability. Check that does your selected occupation listed in the  Skilled Occupations List SOL list.

We will work both quickly and efficiently on your behalf and prioritize your case. A good case will usually take a year from start to finish although if we accelerate this with your full support we can have your Permanent Residency Visas granted within six to eight months from the moment we start.

Australia Immigration for Accountants and Auditors

Australian Immigration for Accountants and Auditors is not as simple as other occupations. Australia has been a very popular destination for Accounting Skilled Migration for the past few years and the challenge for spaces has increased exponentially. Indeed, even a couple of years back it would be unheard for an occupation to be singled out for a higher points score than the rest of the Australian Immigration program, you have to score a minimum of 65 points at least to become eligible for the Accountant profession.

Competition for Accounting Immigration places is high right across Australia, with many States placing extra caveats on Migration. Western Australia, for example, is very keen to attract Qualified Accountants or Auditors via the 190 Visa class, before the visa can be granted a potential applicant must secure a firm written job offer. Keep it in mind that you have only 28 days in which to secure this employment after notification. So when thinking about the 190 Visa class it’s important to keep your options as wide as possible, encompassing as many States in Australia as you feel comfortable with.

The Following Accountants Occupations Are Currently in Demand in Australia

Accountant (General)
Management Accountant

Taxation Accountant
ICT Account Manager

Internal Auditor
External Auditor

Australian Immigration for Accountants Requirements

Australian immigration for Accountants Requirements

  • Age – must be under 45 years when you apply.
  • English language – you must have at least competent English language to work in Australia.
  • Nominated occupation – you have to nominate a skilled occupation before you apply, which fits your skills and qualifications.
  • Skills assessment – you must have your skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority designated to assess your nominated occupation.
  • Health assessment – you have to get the health certificate by a panel doctor and undergo a medical examination.
  • Character assessment – you should be of good character and this too will be assessed form the assessing authority.

If you are unable to meet these Basic Requirements and pass the Points Test, then you should not continue with a General Skilled Migration to Australia application.

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Applicants must be at least 18 years old and less than 44 at the time of Visa Application.

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Applicants must have university degree for most occupations that are in demand.

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Work Experience

Applicants must have at least one year of work experience of relevant field.

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English Language

Applicants need to score at least 6 in each component of IELTS academic test.

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18-24 Years – 25 Points
25-32 Years – 30 Points
33-39 Years – 25 Points
40-44 Years – 15 Points


1 Years – 0 Points
3 Years – 5 Points
5 Years – 10 Points
8 Years – 15 Points

English Language

IELTS – 6 in each component – 0 Points
IELTS – 7 in each component – 10 Points
IELTS – 8 in each component – 20 Points

State Sponsorship

Skilled – State Nominated Subclass 190 – 5 Points
Skilled – Regional Sponsored Provisional Visa Subclass 489 – 10 Points


4-years Bachelors degree – 15 Points
PhD Degree – 20 Points


Skill Assessment

According to DIBP applicant must obtain positive skill assessment.

Interest Expression

After skill assessment applicant needs to apply for the Expression of Interest

State Sponsorship

In some cases, the applicant needs to apply for state sponsorship to score points.

Visa Application

After receiving the invitation, the applicant must lodge final visa application to (DIBP).

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