South Australian State Nomination: Your Gateway to Skilled Migration

South Australian State Nomination: Your Gateway to Skilled Migration

Starting the journey of skilled migration to Australia often involves understanding the details of state nomination programs. South Australia offers an attractive pathway through its State Nomination Program, providing opportunities for skilled individuals to contribute to the state’s economy and community. This guide covers the important aspects of South Australian state nomination, including eligibility criteria, application processes, and recent updates.

What is the South Australian State Nomination?

South Australian State Nomination is an initiative designed by the Government of South Australia to attract skilled migrants who can fill specific roles and contribute to the state’s growth. It supports Australian immigration goals by selecting candidates with skills in demand within South Australia’s labor market.

190 Visa South Australia Latest News

The 190 visa is a key pathway for skilled workers nominated by South Australia, offering permanent residency to individuals who meet specific criteria. Recent updates for 2024 include the following key points:

  1. Quota Availability: South Australia has over 200 places remaining for the 190 visa for this fiscal year. Due to limited quotas, South Australia is adopting a cautious approach to nominations​​.
  2. Priority Invitations: Invitations are prioritized for temporary visa holders whose visas expire before August 31, 2024, applicants aged 45 or below by the same date, those with significant work experience in South Australia, and individuals in priority industries such as healthcare, trade and construction, early childhood education, digital technology, food and agriculture, creative industries, and tourism and hospitality​​.
  3. Additional Occupations: South Australia has added 70 new roles to its Skilled Occupation List, bringing the total to 109 occupations open for offshore skilled migration. This includes sectors like agriculture, construction, mechanics, corporate services, sciences, and medical professions​​.

South Australia Skilled Migration Programs

South Australia offers various skilled migration programs to cater to different needs and occupations. These programs include:

State Nomination Visa 491

The 491 visa Australia allows skilled workers to live and work in South Australia’s designated regional areas. It requires nomination by the South Australian Government and serves as a pathway towards permanent residency, supporting regional development and employment growth.

State Nomination Visa 190

The 190 visa Australia grants permanent residency to skilled workers nominated by South Australia. Applicants must meet specific criteria related to their occupation, skills, and commitment to residing in South Australia and contributing to the state’s economic and social objectives.

Talent and Innovators Program

The Talent and Innovators Program is designed for highly skilled individuals with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills. This program aims to attract talent that can contribute to South Australia’s economic growth and technological advancements. It includes four streams:

  • Employment Stream: For skilled migrants with a job offer in South Australia.
  • Start-up and Small Business Stream: For entrepreneurs who have established or intend to establish a business in South Australia.
  • High Performing Graduate Stream: For recent graduates who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.
  • Independent Talent Stream: For individuals with exceptional talent and skills in their field.

Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA)

The SISA visa is a temporary visa designed to attract promising entrepreneurs and start-up founders to South Australia. It allows individuals to develop and implement innovative ideas that will benefit the state’s economy. Successful applicants can potentially transition to permanent residency pathways based on their contributions and business success.

Eligibility Criteria for South Australian State Nomination

To qualify for South Australian state nomination, applicants must meet stringent eligibility criteria, including:

  • Occupation: Your occupation must be listed on the South Australian Skilled Occupation List, which aligns with state priorities and economic needs.
  • Points Requirement: You must score at least 65 points on the Department of Home Affairs points test, which assesses factors such as age, English language proficiency, work experience, education, and other criteria.
  • Commitment: You must demonstrate a genuine intent and readiness to live and work in South Australia, showing your commitment to integrating into the local community.

Documents Requirements for South Australian State Nomination

Applicants must provide a comprehensive set of documents to support their nomination application, including:

  • Proof of identity and residency status
  • Skills assessment from a relevant assessing authority
  • Evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • Employment references and qualifications
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect
  • Commitment statement to live and work in South Australia

Processing Times for South Australian State Nomination

Processing times for South Australian state nomination applications vary based on application completeness, demand, and administrative factors. Applicants should anticipate a processing timeframe ranging from several weeks to several months, with regular updates on application status provided throughout the process.

Fees for South Australian State Nomination

Fees associated with South Australian state nomination applications depend on the visa subclass and applicant circumstances. For the 190 and 491 visas, the nomination application fee is AUD 220. It’s essential for applicants to consult the latest fee schedule published by the South Australian Government to plan their budget accurately and ensure timely submission of payments.

How to Apply for South Australian State Nomination?

Navigating the application process for South Australian state nomination involves several steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Review the South Australian Skilled Occupation List to ensure your occupation is eligible and aligns with state priorities.
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest: Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Department of Home Affairs SkillSelect system, indicating your interest and eligibility for South Australian state nomination.
  3. Receive Nomination: Upon nomination by South Australia, proceed with your visa application to the Department of Home Affairs, providing the required documentation and completing the necessary forms to secure residency in South Australia.

SA State Nomination List

The South Australian Skilled Occupation List identifies occupations in demand within the state’s economy, reflecting current market needs and growth sectors. Updated regularly, the list includes professions such as:

OccupationANZSCO Code
Registered Nurses254412
ICT Business Analysts261111
Civil Engineers233211
Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers241111
Electricians (General)341111
Automotive Electricians321111
Construction Managers133111
Social Workers272511
Marketing Specialists225113
Secondary School Teachers241411
Mechanical Engineers233512
Metal Fabricators322311
Graphic Designers232411

How Expert Opinion Can Help You?

Navigating the complexities of South Australian state nomination requires expert guidance. Expert Opinion offers specialized immigration consultancy services tailored to assist individuals in understanding eligibility requirements, preparing documentation, and maximizing their chances of successful state nominations. With a deep understanding of visa application processes and requirements, Expert Opinion provides personalized support to ensure a smooth and efficient pathway to residency in South Australia.

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South Australian state nomination presents a valuable opportunity for skilled individuals seeking to establish themselves in Australia. By understanding the program’s requirements, eligibility criteria, and application process, applicants can effectively pursue their immigration goals with confidence. Whether aiming for temporary or permanent residency, South Australia offers diverse opportunities across various industries, making it an attractive destination for skilled migration.


How long does it take to process South Australian state nomination applications?

Processing times vary but generally range from several weeks to a few months, contingent upon application completeness and administrative processing.

Can I apply for a South Australian state nomination if I am already living in Australia?

Yes, individuals residing in Australia can apply for South Australian state nomination provided they meet all eligibility criteria, including occupation demand and skill assessment requirements.

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